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Visitors to scenic Monterey California find many choices in attractive lodging ranging from traditional chain hotels and motels, quaint, picturesque and historic inns, to bed and breakfast establishments. Many Monterey hotels feature modern amenities and conveniences. Some of the best options include: Wi-Fi service, Heated pools, Spas, Fitness centers, Stunning golf courses, and on-site parking.


Monterey Marine Life

Monterey is steeped in history and famed for the abundance and diversity of its marine life, which includes sea lions, sea otters, harbor seals, bat rays, kelp (seaweed) forests, pelicans and dolphins. Monterey's geographic location gives scientists access to the deep sea within hours, and only a few miles offshore is Monterey Canyon, the largest and deepest (3.2 km) underwater canyon off... read more

Monterey's Majestic World of Wines

Monterey - A Hub For Wine Production Monterey County, California is renowned for its stunning scenery and rich heritage. It's also renowned for its wine. Monterey is among the Golden State's biggest wine growing areas, after all. No trip to this tranquil and picturesque Central Coast region is complete without a taste of authentic Monterey wine. Monterey wines are beloved for their... read more